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Hair Replacement For Women

"Get Your Hair Back Fast and Feel Beautiful Again!"

You are not alone:

Millions of women suffer from hair loss, more than 15 million in the Middle East alone. And while most treatments available today seem to be designed with men in mind, the good news is that there are safe, proven treatments designed especially for women.

At VIVANDI Trichology Center we understand that women's hair--and women's experiences with hair loss--are very different. That's why our staff is hand-picked to include talented female hair restoration specialists who understand the unique challenges faced by women.

Working with a team of experienced hair experts, we've developed a variety of treatment options that have restored thick, beautiful hair to tens of thousands of women. We'll take the time to give you private, one-on-one guidance, personalizing your treatment plan to give you a flattering, unique look you'll love. You'll look and feel beautiful again in as little as 6 weeks.

Your Hair, Your Style:

Whether you want thick flowing curls, an elegant undo, or something sassy, hair replacement restores your hair quickly and discreetly. VIVANDI Trichology Center’s VTC hair replacement system matches real human hair with your own to create a stylish design that looks and feels like the real thing... because it is. You can brush it, style it, curl it, swim, or even get sand in it.

Get the look you've always wanted:

VIVANDI Trichology Center’s expert stylists will work with you to create a flattering, natural look that fits your personal style. Restore your hair to its former look, or experiment with new styles to enhance your look and increase your confidence.

Hair Replacement Center
Hair Replacement Center