Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatment For Women:

VIVANDI Trichology Center is the leading Hair loss center in the Middle East that excels in providing the most sophisticated hair treatment and replacement procedures. Our lifetime focus is to provide products, hair loss treatments and hair replacement to both men and women with the latest cutting edge hair restoration technology. Widely known even by our competitors, we are the most reputed for providing ultimate non-surgical solutions that will make you look absolutely natural, feel natural, and comfortable. Our uncluttered and undistracted approach provided by the non-surgical specialists in the industry will allow you to have multiple solutions under one roof.

There are many reasons for female hair loss; some of them are nutrition deficiency, thyroid problems and psychological factors such as hormonal issues, menopause and stress. However, one of the major reason is the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone as its enzyme is present in both male and female.

We provide an effective hair loss treatment for women which include:

Non Surgical Hair Treatment Non Surgical Hair Treatment Non Surgical Hair Treatment

Our Scalp Treatments for Women is generally based on results of diagnosis and relevant testing. We provide some of the exceptional treatment steps based on individual cases:


The Science Behind Reversing Hair Loss

The good news is, now that professionals are beginning to understand the science behind hair loss, reversing its effects is easier than ever!

After diagnosis and completion of relevant testing, we perform the following treatment steps based on individual cases:

Hair Replacement Center
Hair Replacement Center