Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Women:

When you hair loss is too advanced and there is no hope to regrow your own hair, then non-surgical hair replacement is the best solution.

Once you've decided that non-surgical hair replacement is right for you, you will meet with a specialist to determine where the new hair is needed, the direction of growth and shape of the hairline. We perform a complete hair analysis to match the exact color, density, texture and curl of your hair. Your custom hair replacement system is then hand-crafted, strand by strand, using only the finest human hair.

After the hair system is applied, our expert stylists will complete your new and natural look with a custom cut and style. HairSpa hair replacement systems offer the flexibility to change your style, hair color and hair length so you can wash and style as you normally would.

Whether you want thick flowing curls, an elegant updo or something sassy, hair replacement restores your hair quickly and discreetly. HairSpa hair replacement system matches real human hair with your own to create a stylish design that looks and feels like real hair. Live freely, taking comfort in knowing you can brush, style, curl, swim or even get sand in your hair.

To keep your hair looking its best, we will create a personal care regimen just for you. We also recommend hair replacement services in our spa every four to six weeks.

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