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Who is Amin Sheybani?

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Award-winning Hair Replacement innovator and entrepreneur, Amin Sheybani, is the most sought after expert in the international non-surgical hair replacement arena. Amin Sheybani professional expertise combined with his ingenious artistic techniques and charismatic personality has created an increasing demand for his advice, appearances on televised talk shows, at trade shows, hair loss conventions, workshops and seminars.

Amin Sheybani innovations in the hair restoration and hair replacement industry reach far beyond the technologies of his undetectable hair systems. For nearly two decades, Amin has a mainstay for a wide cross section of clients in the fashion, business, entertainment and artistic communities in the Middle East.

Amin Sheybani is a true visionary in the industry of Hair replacement. The following are excerpts from a recent interview with Amin, the Owner/Founder of VIVANDI Trichology Center. They contain his thoughts on his career, his company, the Hair replacement Industry, and his very personal motivations:

What is the one thing about VIVANDI Trichology Center that sets it apart from anyone else in the industry?

There truly is only one word that comes to mind, caring. We care. We always have cared about our clients and staff. I have a giant ego that needs to be best at everything we do and we have been the best for close to 14 years. I know that in this day and age it may seem somewhat gratuitous to say you care about your client satisfaction. But I truly do. I have very old fashion values. I cannot tolerate lies or deception of any kind. I feel if you take someone's money you have made a moral agreement to satisfy them.

What is different about hair replacement today as compared to only a few years ago?

I would have to say three distinctly different areas have changed. The actual materials, the attention to details, and the expertise of the staff all have improved. Ironically, the concept has gone completely backwards to the impeccable work of the early 1920's, when lace work was king and only the celebrities and leading men of Hollywood had the best workmanship or could afford it. We have incorporated some of the old world artistry along with modern day materials to create the same effect worn by the stars of yesterday.

Talk about clients from other companies. What can they expect when they visit VHS? Will they get a fair evaluation of what they have now?

There is an old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Not the case here. If asked for, and only when asked for, we will be respectfully candid about work performed by other companies. No one wants to feel they have been taken advantage of, yet unfortunately, some have. Our job is to help each client attain a better look based on what is important to that individual client. Listening is our most practiced skill at VIVANDI Trichology Center.

Talk about the employees of VIVANDI Trichology Center?

True professionals who care about the satisfaction of their clients. I think we have accomplished what many companies only dream of. A staff of talented professionals who care about their clients, each other, and are proud of the company they work for. Their skill and expertise level is second to none yet we still takes class every month to see how we may best improve on our techniques and expand our product knowledge.

What is the most gratifying thing about doing what you do?

I love to change people's lives for the better. I never underestimate what it feels like to be sitting in the chair and have your appearance in someone's elses hands. It is an enormous responsibility and one that I have never taken lightly. How a person looks and feels are equally important. We can do phenomenal work but if a person feels like you do not care, he or she will not enjoy the product as much. A mix of craftsmanship, skill, experience and concern are the main components found in the Technical Designers and Staff of VIVANDI Trichology Center. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate because I am as excited about what I do today, as I was the first day started.

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