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It is quite a daunting affair to deal with hair loss and baldness problems. One can easily overcome this crucial condition by having viable or exceptional solutions. VIVANDI Trichology Center plays a major role in providing the top-notch quality non-surgical hair loss treatments for men and women suffering from baldness or thinning hair problems. People can acquire guaranteed peace of mind as we import excellent hair system from the leading manufacturers in US. This is quite applicable to cover up the balding scalp in the best possible manner. With the assistance of state of the art and advance hair graft systems such as VHS you can acquire a complete cranial coverage with the best results.

With the extensive experience we efficiently accomplish the entire hair loss treatment Dubai service needs and requirements. The experts also assist individual to eliminate future hair loss. Moreover, our treatment is quite beneficial for hair restoration or replacement solutions. Men who are suffering from the destructive effects of the baldness can acquire satisfactory result through a permanent or 100% customized non-surgical hair grafts. You can get the advantage of natural look hair in different color or style. We are one of the well-established hair loss clinics in UAE conferring relevant services to facilitate the exceptional baldness solutions for women or men.

We understand your hair replacement needs as well as confer the best non-surgical hair replacement in Dubai and surrounded areas. The entire VHS hair replacement treatments are suitable for older gentleman, middle-aged, and young adults suffering from any specific type of baldness. We believe in increasing clientele by providing a completely customized solution with the availability of our highest professional standards and finest expertise. This is a great way to maximize personal appearance or increase confidence. Our main objective is to offer result-oriented and proven treatment at a very reasonable price.

In order to acquire enough consultation about any query one can contact us at 971 4 335336

What is Hair Replacement

At VIVANDI Trichology Center, we are proud to offer the latest in state-of-the-art hair restoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our clients.

By creating 100% customized non-surgical, permanent hair grafts for men suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss, we offer our clients the completely natural look and ...

Non Surgical Hair Treatment

Hair replacements that change your life!

VIVANDI Trichology Centeris a hair replacement Center that offers many types of non-surgical hair solutions. Baldness and hair loss are incredibly difficult to deal with and there is no good reason why someone should have to live without a viable solution to their hair loss problems.

VIVANDI Trichology Center imports hair systems from the best manufactures in US that work best to cover your balding scalp. They provide full cranial coverage with their state of the art hair graft systems like EHK...

Non Surgical Hair Treatment

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